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I was reminded a couple of days ago that Winter Sowing was a thing that I could be doing, by this possibly visible post on Facebook.

Since our gallon milk jugs are white plastic, and it was trash and recycle day the day after I was reminded, I went spelunking in our neighbors recycling bin... and found ~15 gallon water jugs. I shall clearly have to hunt again next week!

So after shoveling and snowblowing, yesterday was winter sowing day. First, I made drainholes and cut off the top of those water jugs. I got a bunch of dirt from Wilson Farms (sadly, this is not the time of the year they have the truly enormous bags of their own dirt), put ~3" of dirt in the bottom of each jug, soaked them in water and let them drain, planted seeds, put in a plant marker, sealed the jugs to their tops again with masking tape, and put them outside. I did this with about 10 of the jugs, and filled another three with dirt for later. I'm likely to want a _lot_ of jugs, since there are many seeds I'd like to start. Also likely to snag the larger (2 liter?) of the seltzer water bottles of [livejournal.com profile] galaneia's.

Currently planted: Lettuce (possibly too early), spinach, sorrel, corn salad (possibly too early), black Dinosaur kale, dwarf kale, bachelor buttons, broccoli of various types, purple podded peas.

Pending for this month: More peas, cilantro, delphinium, hollyhocks, lupine, penstemon digitalis, echineasea, colombine, Johnny jump up.

March: chard, carrots, cosmos, zinnias, marigold, basil, lettuce, nasturtium, sunflowers (this last largely to give them protection from the birds while they are growing their first real leaves)

April: tomatoes, ground cherries
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But it's _SO WARM_.

Even just a little bit of work in the garden had me dripping sweat.

*checks wunderground*

Oh. It's 90.


I hope it rains soon.
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"Gardening is a kind of disease. . . . When you go visiting, your eyes rove about the garden; you interrupt the serious cocktail drinking because of an irresistible impulse to get up and pull a weed." -- Lewis Gannitt, 1891-1966, American journalist and author

this sounds familiar...

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It seems like all the garden shows are less about gardens, and more about what vaguely related things can be sold.

Does anyone know of any which are still actually about the plants?

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Aka, I just got an electric chipper-shredder on Craigslist. My piles of brush? Slowly turning into lovely, lovely mulch. Next time, earplugs. And possibly a slightly warmer day. Of course, once I get through my obvious piles, I need to remember where else I stashed brush and replace it with the newly created mulch!

Also, this might be the time of year to attack tree or bush-like things which are poorly placed or weeds. I can get to them right now! Well, except the one which seems to be growing out of our rock pile water feature. Roots are hard to get to, there.

Waaay too much fun shredding spiky plants I pulled last year. 'You wanna keep stabbing me? I keeeeell you!'

Did first pass at clearing out extraneous rotting plant debris from pond. It is far too dark in there for the current temperatures! I forgot to trim off dead plant material from the pond plants in the fall, you see. That still is pending, because it was too darned cold to do much with the pond. We did lose a few of our babies from last year, which was expected and likely necessary. (If it's very cold and they didn't get big enough soon enough, they tend to not survive the winter)

When they start coming up, going to start attacking our excess hardy white geranium species plant, because it spreads like crazy (into our lawn and my garden bed) and isn't pretty enough for me to be willing to tolerate the upkeep. The wisterias and the trumpet vine are both pretty and insanely difficult to remove and replace with better behaved equivalents. Also, [livejournal.com profile] galeneia really likes wisteria. If it didn't try to take over the world on a regular basis, it would be much better, though.

There's some crocuses up. I worry that our snowdrops didn't make it this year, since I never saw them. The white/green hellebore is also up, and the other (purple, I think) is budding. Lots of bits of green from bulb plants. :)
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Thanks to a suggestion from [livejournal.com profile] ceelove, I obtained and read Gaia's Garden.

Now, I'm attempting to assimilate the contents, as well as continuing to gather additional information. As a part of this assimilation process, I feel the need to natter about it, so you all get to read. :)

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Jul. 12th, 2011 11:08 am
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Hrm. There does not appear to be an introduction to the use of MediaLab from the perspective of a programmer. Very sad. It's very like a scripting language, and I can't tell if I can tell it "hey, use the files in this directory", or if I actually have to specify each one individually. And, as it's typically used by psychologists, I find the help... somewhat less helpful than I would like, mostly because I'm impatient. Ah, well. I shall read it through and hope it answers my questions!

Very much enjoying having a job again. I mean, I _love_ working in the garden. But there's not a whole lot to _do_, and in fact trying to do too much makes the plants unhappy (see: overwatered container plants in our backyard right now). And there's only so much I can learn when I have not the physical space or brain space for the variety of interesting plants out there.

So now I have something to do and learn (make the lab have a website, and get as ready for my Masters thesis as I can before class starts in the fall). Largely, this involves, respectively, having access to the editing software and finding the PDFs of published lab work that aren't already handy, and figuring out MediaLab so as to make the previous work done work with my own (the only real changes are that the photos have changed, but I'd really like to make it easier to update/use/maintain, too). Also, most probably, I can start work on my proposal (which also sort of means that I will have started work on the thesis itself, I suspect).

I'm going to be _so_ busy with classes come fall. Yeesh.

Ok, I have taken multiple hours to get back to this, so I'm going to say I'm done!

I have thoughts that aren't quite solidifying about the confusion people often have when learning about poly for the first time in relation to the terminology one uses for partner(s) of people. Feels related in my head to the idea of there being a single progression path for monogamous relationships, so the idea of having multiple relationships and them being different types and states and such perhaps being even more perplexing. And stuff. Nebulous!
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Because things change so much in a month!

June 2011 Garden photos (at blossomswap.com)
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And some humidity, but hey.

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Ok, many iterations thereof. Makes me happy, regardless!

Indoor computerized grow box!

(also, egg shells are useful)


Jul. 9th, 2010 10:19 pm
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Does something like this exist for the Boston area? It includes the following info, based on this page:

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