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As some of you may already know, I learned to read cat body language long before human body language. In part, I suspect it's just simpler than humans, as other than hiding sickness and injury, cats don't tend to hide their emotions.

At this point in my life, I have a pretty good sense of how to interact with most animals. This has sometimes earned me the nickname druid, as well as reflecting my most commonly played RPG character class.

There was a friendly pup on the train home this evening, which caused me to reflect on the various things I have picked up along the way around relating to critters of various sorts. I'm most comfortable with cats, then dogs, and then it varies.

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There you go! Many tips. I'm sure that I know more, but these are the ones I'm most able to express verbally.
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It's about fairy tales

Go wild with non-european fairy tales, different takes on traditional tales, or anything (non-sexual) you can think of.
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I am really enjoying a few things lately, and wanted to share.

Afro-Celt Sound System is making my insufficient sleep more tolerable during my temp job. I had three songs from them iomy phone, and was like 'oh, right, this is excellent music!'

Polychrome Heroics has been a fun discovery, especially [personal profile] dialecticdreamer's Finn Family and Gentle Soul series. Not only are they good stories in themselves, but they show people working through things both realistically and fairly healthily. The entire polychrome world also usually has useful links after the stories/poems. I'm really very fond of the series/world.
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I know I've been quiet. Still job hunting. Still posting sometimes on medium.

But my childhood friend needs help caring for her cat until she has a stable living situation. If anyone who reads this can help (or wants more info), please see https://www.gofundme.com/save-the-moon-or-luna-kitty

Thank you.
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Useful Medium post on surviving the political climate for those often stuck in 'but this shouldn't be happening!' mode: https://medium.com/@robin.chancer/how-to-stay-sane-if-trump-is-driving-you-insane-advice-from-a-therapist-42e982195e22
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I think I have managed to cause LJ to send me email when LJ people I want to follow who aren't on DW post to LJ, so the fact that I can't read my friends list shouldn't be as bad.

I liked LJ and my account there. Much sadness.
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So I'm going to start posting to Dreamwidth and having it cross-post to LJ.

I'm going to try to keep reading LJ, but it turns out I can only read while logged in on my computer in FF. My phone's browsers don't load anything, and neither does Chrome on my computer.
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This and the two parts that file are well worth a read: http://siderea.livejournal.com/1272731.html
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Have you wondered how that happens?

For more information about how to indicate interest in being a panelist, go here:

Or, to suggest a panel:

Lots of panels need more variety in their panelists, whether more women, more people of color, or other under-represented groups. So please, if you're interested, go say so. :)
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Evidently planaria will kill and eat shrimps in a shrimp-only tank. Who knew!

At least now I know why my adult shrimps were dying...

I kill you with de-wormer! Hopefully! Will see if any wander past in the morning, and add a tiny bit more if not.

My betta loved the ones large enough for me to grab and dangle off my finger for her, though. It's _really weird_ being the target of a betta's attack (sort of; she was in fact attacking the planaria attached to my finger).

Poor shrimps.


Apr. 3rd, 2016 06:39 pm
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A) my laptop's network is very flaky. Sometimes connecting fine, sometimes connected but convinced that the router isn't, sometimes just plain dropping the connection. B) it is out of warrantee, c) my desktop keeps kernel panicking.

My laptop is currently backing up. I'm hoping the usb wireless card from my mac laptop will work with my current laptop. I'm hoping i can remove the files i want from my desktop machine and downgrade it to the os that used to work (windows 7).

In the meantime... I would really like to have a job already!


Oh. And the wireless printer went insane the last time i reset the router.

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http://www.libraryextension.com/?platform=hootsuite - checks if a book you are thinking about buying is available at the library you specify.

https://www.one-tab.com/ - click a button and it collects all open tabs (except ones that are pinned) into a website-like list. Saves memory and makes it less overwhelming to look at one's browser.
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I was just barefoot in my backyard. In February.

I was just _weeding_ in my backyard. Did I mention February?


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I was reminded a couple of days ago that Winter Sowing was a thing that I could be doing, by this possibly visible post on Facebook.

Since our gallon milk jugs are white plastic, and it was trash and recycle day the day after I was reminded, I went spelunking in our neighbors recycling bin... and found ~15 gallon water jugs. I shall clearly have to hunt again next week!

So after shoveling and snowblowing, yesterday was winter sowing day. First, I made drainholes and cut off the top of those water jugs. I got a bunch of dirt from Wilson Farms (sadly, this is not the time of the year they have the truly enormous bags of their own dirt), put ~3" of dirt in the bottom of each jug, soaked them in water and let them drain, planted seeds, put in a plant marker, sealed the jugs to their tops again with masking tape, and put them outside. I did this with about 10 of the jugs, and filled another three with dirt for later. I'm likely to want a _lot_ of jugs, since there are many seeds I'd like to start. Also likely to snag the larger (2 liter?) of the seltzer water bottles of [livejournal.com profile] galaneia's.

Currently planted: Lettuce (possibly too early), spinach, sorrel, corn salad (possibly too early), black Dinosaur kale, dwarf kale, bachelor buttons, broccoli of various types, purple podded peas.

Pending for this month: More peas, cilantro, delphinium, hollyhocks, lupine, penstemon digitalis, echineasea, colombine, Johnny jump up.

March: chard, carrots, cosmos, zinnias, marigold, basil, lettuce, nasturtium, sunflowers (this last largely to give them protection from the birds while they are growing their first real leaves)

April: tomatoes, ground cherries
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I'm not clear on how I can be exhausted at 8p and go to bed, then spend two hours being too warm but too tired to do anything about it, then hungry and eat food and fix the blankets then too cold and then not enough weight and seriously, sleep?

Awake at 6a, also, for no apparent reason.

I may be a bit dazed today! 


Oct. 28th, 2015 05:00 pm
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Driving when the world is surreal is definitely an experience.

It's surprisingly difficult to focus on driving and my surroundings in that state. Music helped.

But I'm home safe. And i don't think it's actually as cold out as i think (having had the heat blasting the entire way home), which between surreal and that make me suspect fever.

I don't know why it is that i want all the cuddles when I'm sick, but boy do i want all the people right now. All of them. Cuddle pile required! Stat!

Soon i will muster the energy to go in the house. My car's steering wheel should not be this comfortable. And probably isn't actually.

I would very much like to stop being sick, please. This month, why so much sick?

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