Nov. 1st, 2012 11:46 pm
Why is it that I get most congested right at bed time? I was perfectly capable of taking a 4 hour nap this afternoon, without intending to. Now? My congestion is having a field day even with being part upright.

So tired. Neti pot apparently unable to do anything about the congestion on the back off my nose/sinuses, which is where my problem always is.

Also having significant problems actually writing my personal statements for applications. Never a good sign, really.

Can't breathe, can't sleep, flaily about future. Tonight is problematic.

(also, yes, trying out this posting on dreamwidth and crossposting to lj thing)
I don't think this is just because of season or boredom with excess amounts of coding at my volunteer job, but damned if I know what it _is_.

Awake is hard. I'm doing it, and I'm at school, but want to sleep or at least doze. And drink lots of water.


Gotta say, though, Saturday's party was delightful. :)
Survey the first:

"Dear Participant

We are Laurel Watson and Franco Dispenza, and we are currently conducting a study along with Greg Brack regarding sexual minority men’s (e.g., gay, bisexual, questioning, queer) social experiences and sexual behaviors. The purpose of this study is to gain a greater understanding into sexual minority men’s social experiences, stress, and sexual behaviors and practices. The study has been approved by an Institutional Review Board (Federal Wide Assurance Number: 00000129)

If you are interested in participating, you will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey that will take approximately 30 minutes, one time only. If you are interested in participating, please click on the following link:

Or, if you would like further information, please email Franco Dispenza at

Thanks for your consideration,"

Survey the second:

"If you are 18 or older and lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender, or gay, please participate in a national and anonymous on-line survey study on how adult (18 or older) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer people experience early memories of childhood support and how they relate to compassion, empowerment, and personal happiness. The study is being conducted by Dr. Darrell Greene and Dr. Paula Britton, through John Carroll University and the JCU Education and Allied Studies Department. The study will take about 30 minutes to complete. Benefit to you as a participant involves contributing to our knowledge of how to better help LGBTQ people receiving counseling. Complete the survey, and be eligible to win from $10 to up to $50 in gift cards. If interested, please go to the following surveylink:

(IRB# 2013-010)"
Every time I go into the bathroom and notice the little bits of silver in my hair, I an filled with glee because I have unexpected glitter built into my hair.

Why wouldn't I want little bits of glimmer that have started to show up, I mean seriously?


Sep. 27th, 2012 10:17 am
Sleep last night was _hard_. Sleeeeeepy...
Had dinner with [ profile] metahacker, [ profile] galaneia, and a visiting [ profile] omly, which was lovely.

Then lovely cuddles with a very sleepy [ profile] omly during various chattings among the four of us, and some of [ profile] ayalanya's jar cakes. Then [ profile] omly returned home with the help of a briefly visiting [ profile] salvbard.

Soon, bed.
Last night, catchup on three labs in a matlab class I'm suddenly auditing. This morning, another lab for that class, and working on the homework that was due this morning.

After lunch, trying desperately to track down info on signal processing. Then some very basic info from a co-worker which was fabulously useful, and also my brain was full. I'll review tomorrow before he continues.

I do hate having to ask people to stop and return to things, but I was losing the ability to have any idea what he was saying!

Random brief summary thus far: Fourier transformation to get at the frequencies of the pieces of a signal (gives a spectrum of frequencies). High, or low, or band, or notch pass filter to take out bits. frequency and period and amplitude and hz.

So glad that tonight I get to go home, finish cleaning the railings and posts of our front porch, and just do some painting. Minimally brain-hurting activities are good. :)
Definitely going to bring in some blankets tomorrow. It's uncomfortably cold in here!

Getting things set up while I wait for time with the person who will be helping me start integrating into the work that needs to be done. Seems likely that it would make the most sense to come in after lunch some days, since many of my co-workers aren't in until 10:30-ish at the earliest. The other option might be leaving early some days. Shall see. :)

Maybe I'll go hunt the specific co-worker I need down. Kind of bored...
Got to see and be at least a little cuddly with [ profile] underwatercolor, [ profile] weegoddess, [ profile] minerva42, and a couple of people who have no lj that I am aware of.

And then, today, 4 hours of quiet chatting and some cuddling with [ profile] weegoddess, who also got to chat with [ profile] galaneia a fair bit. :)

And, [ profile] metahacker was kind enough to help with my "I am so low on cuddle and now aware of it oh god I can't sleep" problems late last night. It's like opening a door and finding a Gaping Chasm Of Doom (or, in this case, painfully aching need for touch)! I definitely need more people to cuddle with regularly, though, as it can be a bit hard on him to only really have [ profile] metahacker to get cuddles from. Like if he's overpeopled or it's too warm or whatever, you know?

Tomorrow, start volunteering at the lab I'm going to be helping with. Should be good, and it'll be nice to figure out a reasonable schedule (likely not full time, since that's not great for me when I am being paid, let alone when not,). Will also start trying to figure out where to apply to, no matter how much I do not want to apply agaaaaaain.

Did a bit of painting of the porch railing, with more to come. [ profile] metahacker finished painting the trim in the back room, and adjusted the arrangement of the furniture in that room. It looks fabulous, I think.
"Submission Approved and Archived"

Yay! Of course, come time to try to submit it as a journal article, I'm sure I'll need to revisit it. But for now, officially done with it!


Aug. 22nd, 2012 03:25 pm
Before I post on Craigslist or freecycle, does anyone local want to come by and take away some of our young goldfish? We have a bunch, both ones that are already either white or gold, and ones which may or may not change from black.

They are used to a pond environment, and have learned to take food from my hand. This does mean that they miss and try to nibble my fingers, but it is only startling, not painful.

The small ones would be ok in an aquarium for now, but goldfish really aren't tank fish. They get pretty big, and not allowing them enough space will eventually kill them.

It's unfortunate that I realized that I have a couple places that blueberries are likely to thrive _after_ all the stores stopped selling them. Ah, well. Next year, unless I find someone who has extra!

I am _not_ looking forward to the endless process of applying to PhD programs. I need to first figure out where is even looking for people and are doing things which I would like to do. Bah.

Still enjoying kayaking, and random bits of socialness which work with other people's schedules!

Today, chores around the house and in the yard (mostly involving trimming things). Including determining when the shuttle bus starts running for Brandeis students.

Have got to actually borrow [ profile] underwatercolor's wood chipper! So much brush scattered in ways which are not piles on the ground to deter hopeful yellow jackets looking for nesting spots (finding unexpected yellow jacket nests is _really_ not something I'm wanting to have happen). And mulch is way more useful than brush is. :)

Things, stuff. Visit this weekend by [ profile] regyt, and [ profile] ayalanya and child will be visiting starting this weekend for a week. Yay, nifty visitors! Also, gaming Sunday. :)

Pleased to have aided friends with finding housing/housemates!

Enough for now, as too warm!
My suspicion is: tendinitis was the first hit in my posting. Then I Stopped working and thus being online all day, my volunteer position did not have any privacy at _all_ including no computer to call my own. then was crazy busy during masters program so being online with my own computer didn't help.

Also, I mostly use the iPad, which is kind of annoying to type on. And posting when I get home at night is a huge bar to overcome, for reasons of tired and having to go to the third floor to have a decent keyboard.

I kind of wonder what effect on my posting my next volunteer job will involve. I will be sharing a room, likely, but may have a computer to myself.

Anyway. Snack and bed time!
Thesis submission happened. There may be minor edits to conform with electronic repository, but it is effectively done. Returned my keys to that lab today, attending lab meetings to the lab with which I will be working next year, and talked about having a space to work from.

So much social! Met adorable girl who is getting a PhD in Canada and has been living there for 10 years now. Spent a fair bit of time with her while she was in this area, which was nice. Will see if dating long distance works or not. Either way, fun to be with. (she has no LJ).

[ profile] larksdream, [ profile] metahacker, and I went kayaking. This reminded me of just how much I enjoyed it the last (also first) time I kayaked. As a result, I'm kayaking as often as I have time and muscles, via a membership I got through Paddle Boston. This has, among other things, meant that I got to see - and kayak with - [ profile] starandrea earlier this week! And tomorrow, I will be kayaking with [ profile] jay_bud (who used to be J-with-no-LJ on this journal).

I also met a woman I've been taking to from OkCupid for a while now, who is adorable, has an enormous smile, and who is currently hiking part of the Appalachian Trail for a month. Saw her a few times before she went to go do that, definitely will see more of her! (again, no LJ)

Via wedding of [ profile] elusiveat and [ profile] squirrelitude, re-met [ profile] underwatercolor who is now calm enough for me to enjoy his company (and spend yesterday playing with him in his garden and chatting with him and a visiting woman). Also met - technically for the second time - [ profile] minerva42, and thoroughly enjoyed her company. Hanging out since then has occurred a few times, and will definitely continue to occur, our schedules allowing. Most recently went to an open mic with her, at which I knew an unexpected number of people, and at which I spontaneously sang rather than read something because I hadn't brought anything. Yay, fabulous people of fabulousness!

Also at that wedding, met a woman through her charming pup who is being trained to be cuddly - cuddly pup for the win! In the 'highly unusual experience for me', she was the one who suggested we exchange contact info. We have since hung out a few times, which were quite fun, at least in part using the pup's need for outdoors excercise as both an excuse and as a delightful distraction. (yep. Another with no Lj)

Somewhere in there, I hung out with [ profile] randysmith, which was nice. :) I just spent the evening with the delightful [ profile] omly, and have set up time to hang out again later. I probably saw other people outside of [ profile] galaneia (with whom I recently had the exciting experience of trying to drive to the Franklin Park Zoo, and then has the much more pleasant experience of actually being at said zoo), [ profile] metahacker, and [ profile] jasra, but my memory is failing me.

Also, garden is giving me tomatoes. :) And apparently concord grapes, which I turned some of into jam. I think [ profile] metahacker and [ profile] galaneia were saying something about using unripe ones to make something. I suspect that I could just choose the smaller ones, which do not come off easily, in order to identify those. They are green grapes, which means color is not enough!

Enough for now!
I tend to forget that the lack of a regular schedule is very hard on me. The last few Weeks have been lovely from the perspective of socialness and not being insanely busy. Unfortunately, I've started to notice depression symptoms, although not all my usual sort.

Excessive sleep and tiredness, not unusual. feeling like everything is without purpose, so why should I bother? Unusual.

I think, perhaps inaccurately, that it's due to my lack of schedule. In part, because it's too warm in my office to work on the things I could be working on, but in part because I don't really have anything to do while my second reader takes forever to get back to me.

So it's difficult to force a schedule on myself when my office is too warm, and my office at school is not comfortable, requires driving, and makes it impossible to take breaks to fiddle in the garden or something.
I think I may need to force a schedule on myself anyway, but it will be damned hard. Also, driving to school appears to mean I'm not walking enough...

I suspect I also feel like I'm not pulling my weight right now, which never helps matters.

stupid mood.


Jul. 25th, 2012 01:19 pm
Just pulled a bunch of black swallow wort with seed pods and tossed them in the trash. Go, me! Evil stuff. On the plus side, it seems that I can scale the walls out front, which I'm not sure that I could do last year (because of strength and trust in my wrists).

Many peoples, much social, all of which has included cuddling so far. Yay, nifty, cuddly, people!

Waiting for more feedback on thesis from second reader. Probably going into school tomorrow or Friday, in case she doesn't tell me through email that she has given me feedback.

Did some car maintenance, need to talk to doctor's office about applying for mass health again come aug 14th, and about yearly stuff that I think I forgot to do. Yay, brain space to notice chores that I need to do! (my car should have been inspected last month, for example)

How're you all?
I think that next year, I shall be going to Firefly. I have no idea what this entails, except that my previous belief that one needs to be an artist is an inaccurate one.

So! I shall be appreciative of aid in this endeavor come time to start preparing and deciding what this actually will involve. :)
As a side effect of having spent the last year going crazy with my masters program, and having just turned in what I hope to be my final draft to my adviser, I have not had the energy to be social. Right now, I expect some modifications to be requested from my adviser, and to send it to my second reader for feedback, but the major push is done with.

And so, today, having turned that in on Thursday and actually managed to sleep last night, I'm aware of being _wickedly_ low on social interaction. Sadly for me, most of the people I know tend to be booked up, plus Firefly is this weekend, plus at least one possible social outlet has a fever which they do not wish to give me. So, no social for me. (I was also interested in social last night, but hadn't yet slept decently)

It's novel to realize just how little social I've been getting, and that I have the energy and brain space to want to do something about it.

I clearly need to start visiting and being visited by people again! But with slightly more notice than, um, none. ;)
OpenOffice apparently cannot export to DOC anymore. It tries, and then freezes, eating all of my CPU.

I seriously hope this works at home, or I'm going to be forced to work in Word. Suck.


Jun. 21st, 2012 04:08 pm
Before I go to freecycle or craigslist, does anyone local want irises? I just split a huge clump of them, and really don't need all of them. They're the normal purple color, nothing special.

I also have orange daylilies.

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