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Hey, all!

This semester, my class is a research class, including data collection and such. As such, I need 8 volunteers for a brief survey relating to jury decisions in a courtroom. We need people over 18 (I don't think anyone reading me is not over 18), and people who have not been victims of violent crime. Additionally, we're trying for gender balance.

I may or may not (I cannot recall) need more volunteers later in the semester, so even if I don't pick you (since this is a convenience sample anyway, I'm going to pick the first 4 men and first 4 women to reply), I may still need your help later. (I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with anyone whose gender is neuter, FWIW)

I will be sending the actual survey through email, so please give a valid email address (I will check that you really did mean to volunteer, and that it works, before sending the survey).

[Poll #1267372]

Help me do my homework! ;) Hopefully I've not done a horrible job of forgetting important stuff, and have also managed to not give too much information thus invalidating my data.
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