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Birthdate:Sep 27
[As per the suggestion from someone on the LJ abuse team, my full name, birthdate, home address, and home and mobile phone numbers are in the first (backdated) entry in my journal, filtered to a very small subset of my friends list]

Go here to find out who I'm currently dating (friend's-locked). Also? I apparently have a harem. Heh.

I appear to tend toward finding silliness, intensity without obsession, geekiness, and rational mysticism to be very strong draws for my interest in a person. Geekiness, in my head, does not necessarily mean computer-specific; I simply find intelligence, intense curiosity, and knowledge very sexy.

I don't mind people adding me to their friends list. I may or may not add back, though, as I already read too many people! I also make no claims to how long I will continue to read anyone on my friends list, and not reading someone does not reflect any interest in a person offline. Sometimes I will enjoy reading a journal but not particularly care if I meet a person; sometimes I will enjoy a person's company but not be able to stand the way they write or what they tend to write about.

"You respond well to squishing and hair brushing. And purring cats." -jasra

[Interests I have which are too common in the crowds I tend to spend time in to waste interests slots on them: affection, beauty, bisexuality, books, cats, communication, erotica, fantasy, flirting, freedom, friends, geeks, honesty, love, music, polyamory, reading, science fiction, truth, words]

I am also wispfox on OKCupid and

I play World of Warcraft; these are my characters (yes, I do use the randomizer for names, why do you ask? :):

On Garrosh: Cathriara, Monria, Rinandana, Jendranda, Damanria, Amoretti, and Valinetta.

Or, there's 3D Armory, eg Cathriara.

Get your own code!

Interests (150):

"friendly", ?, acting like a kid, all night conversations, alt.poly, alt.polyamory, androgyny, asking questions, autism spectrum, awareness, bare feet, beaches, being happy, being petted, being silly, body language, bonfires, boundaries, brains, british humour, celtic music, chai, cirque du soleil, civilian space program, claws, coffee houses, communicating, compersion, competence, consciousness, conversation, creativity, cuddling, curiosity, delight, desire, discussions, dorks, dysnomia, earth, empathy, energy work, face blindness, facial expressions, fire, folk music, folklore, frubble, glee, going barefoot, graceful motion, grass, head rubs, healing, healthy relationships, hedonism, hedonists, hope, hot tubs, hugging trees, hugs, humanism not feminism, i ♥ >1, impulsiveness, infornography, intelligence, intense conversations, intensity, inter-sweetie flirting, intimacy, introspection, jewel tones, joy, kindness, knowledge, laughter, learning, lightning, listening, live music, long hair, massage, nature, neophilia, oceans, passion, personal truths, piano music, placebo, play, playfulness, pleasant surprises, privacy, psinging, psychology, purple, quotes, rain, rainbows, reiki, requited love, role playing games, roleplaying, sapiosexuality, self-discovery, self-improvement, sensation play, sensations, sensuality, shayara, shiny things, silk, silliness, singing, singing out loud, sky, slow scratching, snuggling, soulful moments, space, spirituality, squee, star gazing, stars, stories, sunshine, surreality, swimming, tabbed everything, texture, thinking, thunderstorms, touch, travel, tree climbing, trees, usability, used bookstores, velvet, walking, walking while reading, warmth, water, weirdness, wisdom, word weaving, yay!, ♀♀/♀♂/♂♀/♂♀♂/♂♂, ,
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