Oct. 11th, 2013

wispfox: (NSPy)
He was a stray who was caught when his foster was trying to catch another kitty, because she never thought she could catch him. He purred madly when she came to check the trap, and his tale with humans was started.

I may try to make a second post with photos, but not right now.

long. )
wispfox: (NSPy)
There is no kitty snoring or kitty claws ticking on the wooden floors or coming up the stairs. No curious nose coming to see what we are doing, jumping up beside us, greeting us when we come home with purrs and shoulder bumps. No hungry and impatient mews.

No humans randomly taking to him about what he is doing or what we are thinking or explaining to each other what he is doing or thinking. No greeting him or talking to him in silly little voices that mean we love him.

No voices calling him to come and rapidly running little feets and an inquisitive little face and ears and tail.

It's much, much too quiet.

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