Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Yay, not sick. And hey, a reset on how much food I eat isn't all bad, either.

Unfortunately, winter decided to remind me that hey, I am still seasonally depressed, even if it is mostly under control. Similarly unfortunately, I have still not found a useful replacement for the uppers source that was World of Warcraft for me for years. I am displeased that this appears to translate to trying to find tasty things to put into my mouth, even if I am not hungry. Need WoW replacement!

School back in session. Did not make short list for PhD program at Brandeis, which means that I shall need to find a job in the psych research field for a year when I finish my masters, then figure out where I can and should apply to. On the plus side, if I manage to find a job in the field, I will have more flexibility to handle the possibility that the places I wish to apply to are not at the time accepting PhD students. Also, the possibility that where I do find to apply does not accept me.

Even so, though. Tired of applying. Tired of having to figure out what I'm doing every damn year, and applying to schools every year.

Less down than I was, though, thanks to time with [livejournal.com profile] metahacker tonight.

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