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So what was the trip like, and what did I get from it?

What was the trip like? )


Sep. 7th, 2010 12:44 pm
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So, what were my thoughts, desires, expectations before I left, while I was planning?

Because )
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Those photos I had lost are now recovered, courtesy of PhotoRec (free, open source).

Yay, photo recovery, and ability to use my second SD card again!

They are currently uploading to here.

They contain Flagstaff Botanical Garden, including a raptor show, Sunset Crater National Monument, Wupatki National Monument, and a little bit of Bearizona.

Now, to sort through the photos my mom has taken so far while we've been in Florida.
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As I noted in the previous post, I am wrapping up the South Western USA portion of my trip.

Indeed, I just sent a bunch of boxes home, full of all the camping stuff. Currently letting the cooler and water jugs air dry before wiping out the cooler and packing them into another box to send home.

stuff! )


Jul. 12th, 2010 09:26 am
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Yet more pictures! (I promise I'll do an actual update tonight after I go hunting for boxes)

Vermillion Cliffs and Escalante, Escalante and Bryce, Petrified Forest State Park, Zion National Park.
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Last I updated on travels, I was in Escalante, UT.

Zion )

vegas, again?! )

Capital Reef )

Moab )
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Because seeing them and then not seeing them again reminded me...

I am so very thankful to [livejournal.com profile] metahacker and [livejournal.com profile] galaneia, individually and collectively, for having included me in their family. It was definitely a complex route to have traveled to get us to this point.

Their individual and collective patience with each other, themselves, and with me, as well as a whole lot of soul-searching and conversation and life entanglement has brought us to the point where they both flew out to Las Vegas to join me for a week on my crazy two month road-trip in the South West. Sure, they also wanted to see the area. But they most definitely came to see me, as well.

And now I miss them at the same time as finding many things easier (a week's worth of time is a very different thing from two months, and that was reflected in the rate at which we were doing things while they were here). And I'm so, so thankful. And I love, and am loved. I think I'm also less homesick, now.
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In Las Vegas around 1, it was 107. Near capital reef national park around 8p, it was about 70. Elevation increases and going north ftw!

But now I'm chilly and going to go hide in my sleeping bag while I figure out tomorrow's plan.

Also, there is a distinct lack of [livejournal.com profile] metahacker and [livejournal.com profile] galaneia. Sad.

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Currently in Escalante, UT.

We escaped Las Vegas to head toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I don't recall the precise places we briefly stopped through and/or saw outside the car window, but it was certainly not a direct path, on purpose.

The Grand Canyon itself was, indeed, grand. Kind of difficult to parse, grand. There are pictures, of course. Mine, [livejournal.com profile] metahacker's, and [livejournal.com profile] galaneia's. Uploading pictures, as per usual, is slow. (I'm still back at stuff previous to picking them up from the air port!)

Tiny cabin was tiny, but the larger ones were not available when we booked the one we did get. And hey, we were staying on the North Rim. That doesn't suck. :) There was some hiking, as well as a severely sleep-deprived [livejournal.com profile] metahacker, which was sad. Also, altitude eats people's energy and brains.

From the North Rim, we went to Page, passing through a number of pretty things on the way, including south of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, and over the Navajo Bridge. We ate in a former paddleboat, all unknowing until we had finished, for dinner. From Page, we crossed the Glen Canyon bridge, and I think went back to spend the night in Kanab, UT.

This morning, we left Kanab and headed toward Bryce Canyon National Park, passing through lots of pretty stuff on the way. In Bryce, we took the shuttle in, had a picnic lunch, and went to the end of the shuttle trip. From there, we took pictures, jumped back on the shuttle, and then walked from that stop to the next one north. We ended up deciding against walking another 0.5 miles from that stop to the next one, so as to be kind to altitude-affected people. We saw lots of birds, one of which was both blue-ish and green-ish, and turned out to be the Violet-green swallow. We also saw woodpeckers (tiny!), ravens, antelope, elk from far away, and other things that I'm probably forgetting. Yes, there are pictures. :)

After Bryce, we headed for Escalante, UT for the night, and had tasty dinner at the restaurant attached to the hotel, which specializes in smoked meats.

And now, I'm chilly and going to stop trying to upload things for now. Brr!
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first, there was camping )

Hopi Ceremonial Dances )

after the ceremony )

back to flagstaff, with some urgency! )

Read more... )

So now, I will be going to Winslow to camp. And I will _not_ leave my site set up. And will tomorrow and perhaps the next day do some more Hopi areas and Northern Navajo areas that I was going to do later, and come back to Flagstaff in a few days. Didn't yet do much here, but here is not where I much want to be.
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Ok, there was with my phone. Sort of. At hostel in Flagstaff, AZ, and have internets again. Finishing the upload from Canyon De Chelly. Removing pictures from my hard-drive that are also on Flickr.

So what did I do in all that time?

Petrified Forest! )

Hopi lands! )

To La Posada at Winslow! )

to Flagstaff! )
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This 'having my phone slowly lose service only to reset every 30 min or so' thing is really getting old. I'd rather just have no service!

Also, I need to obtain an external harddrive or believe that the copies of my photos on flickr are good enough and start purging things off my drive that are on flickr. I have less than half a gig of space left on my harddrive. My camera cards are both 2 g. You see the problem?

I'm lonely tonight, possibly related to second day of oogy stomach (probably not helped by the amount of fruit I eat right after shopping because it'll go bad, nor by ice cream with dinner that was too much food, if also very tasty).

Slow internets do not help with lonely. I think I may also be running into OMG I've been on the road and seen no one I know for over a month now! It's... a little odd, and unsurprising, to send out billions of postcards with very little ackowledgement. Feels like talking to the wind, even though I know they are appreciated. And yes, my handwriting plus a smudgy pen is a bad combination!

On the plus side, not too long now before [livejournal.com profile] metahacker & [livejournal.com profile] galaneia arrive!

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